Mbiri Myrrh Essential oil 10ml


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  • Resin of Namibian myrrh (Commiphora Wildii), sustainably harvested wild by Himba women. Fair traded, 100% natural origin.
  • Natural incense for meditation, yoga and spiritual rituals, for relaxation and reflection or simply for room scenting.
  • Wonderfully resinous-fresh, soft, balsamic and slightly spicy aroma. Promotes calm and balance, helps with listlessness, brightens the mood.
  • High-quality smoking resin Omumbiri, wildly collected in the northwest of Namibia, hand-picked and manually filled and labelled by us. Traditional scent of Himba women.
  • Mbiri stands for fair trade sustainability. Not only the harvesters in Namibia, but also the entire region of Africa benefit from every Mbiri™ product purchased.


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